Renowned artist Ben Mosley original ‘The Haka’ painting to mark the ‘All Black’s’ winning RWC 2015

Renowned artist Ben Mosley original ‘The Haka’ painting in acrylic to mark the ‘All Black’s’ winning RWC 2015

Ben’s magnificent paintings regularly sell for over £5,000 and of late have reached £17,000 – an artist to watch and collect…

‘The Haka’ is 100cm x 80cm

Action painting in acrylic – or, more broadly speaking, abstract expressionism – is a style of painting which artist Ben Mosley has used to powerful effect to capture the drama and passion of sport, everyday life and the environment around him. Like his predecessors in this genre, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and Lee Krasner, Mosley values spontaneity and creates his images by stroking paint directly on to each canvas in a gestural, dynamic fashion.

Ben Mosley, whose oeuvre also bridges figurative and cubist styles, taking influence from the form Picasso and the colour of Matisse, is the first artist to ever paint two murals at Wembley Stadium and has a permanent collection of work on display in Club Wembley.

“To mark make is a necessity I undertake each time I create a new piece of art, a journey that I want to overcome and each new painting is a challenge. When my brush touches the canvas for the first time I become a composer of shape and pattern. I sculpt and mould images, and build form through the exaggeration of shape and pattern that convey my passion for the moment. The sense of losing control and letting go to gain control is a method I use frequently.

‘I paint straight on to the canvas because I wish to maintain a certain amount of spontaneity in each painting’. I believe this makes each painting individual and gives them a unique personality. Because I want to capture the dynamism, excitement and movement of the environment around me, my brushwork is gestural, angular and vigorous, and conveys the explosion of energy that happens within sport and everyday life.”

Several successful solo shows in London have led to Mosley’s work being televised on MTV, and The BBC, ITV and his work may be found in private collections throughout the UK, Europe and the United States. These successes have led to commissions from Wembley Stadium, Manchester United, McDonalds, ITV, the Professional Football Association and the League Managers Association.

Important information:
Courier costs are NOT included in the winning bid price and will be additional, costs also depend on where winning bidder is located in the world.

Kindly donated by Ben Mosley

Ben Mosley 'The Haka' - Painting

Actual painting size is 100cm x 20cm

Ben Mosley 'The Haka' - New Zealand Celebration