51. VIP Tour RAF Shawbury

IP tour of RAF Shawbury.
A VIP tour for up to 4 people to RAF Shawbury near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The base trains all helicopter pilots and crews for all 3 services as well as providing training for all of the UK Military"s Air Traffic Control and associated staff.
The unit trains over 1000 students utilising state of the art simulation as well as live helicopter flying. The unit also houses the Military stock of standby aircraft and currently has the maintenance contract for the next set of Red Arrow Hawk aircraft.
The VIP tour will allow the lucky winners to get up close and personal to the helicopters and Air Traffic Control training as well as being able to be photographed sitting in a Red Arrow Hawk and some of the units helicopters.
The tour will include lunch in the Officers Mess with Officers from the
Station and visits to the historical aircraft of the Assault Glider Trust,
Air Traffic Control Tower, Central Air Traffic Control School and Defence Helicopter Flying School.
The tour would take place on a mutually agreed weekday.
T&C"s to follow.

Kindly donated by RAF Shawbury

RAF Shawbury - Prince William & Prince Harry
RAF Shawbury - Helicopter Flying
RAF Shawbury - Entering Helicopter